What is IT?

I.T. project management is an area of project management that has an emphasis on computer technology.


What is I.T. Project Management?

According to BusinessDictionary.com, IT, or information technology, consists of the “tools, processes, …methodologies… and associated equipment employed to collect, process, and present information.” In other words, information technology is everything related to data computing.

What is an I.T. Project?

Like any project, an IT project is a temporary with a start date and an end date to bring about a specific goal. Here are several examples of IT projects:

  • Microsoft Active Directory & Exchange Consulting
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Networking IT Consulting
  • Printing Output Strategies Consulting
  • Information Security Consulting
  • Server Consolidation Consulting
  • Storage Solutions Consulting
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Consulting
  • Wireless Networking  
  • Outsourced IT Support and Management
  • Cloud Computing and Hosting
  • Assessment and Design Consulting
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Consulting