Technology Assessment

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You know your business. We know technology. You concentrate on making your business succeed, and we will make sure your networks, computers, internet, and mobile devices all support you flawlessly and cost effectively

Successful businesses understand their technology environment. As a business owner, you are faced with a variety of challenges, if you do not understand your current technology environment, how can you strategically plan the future and growth of your business?

While on site, we would also be happy to discuss a project or upgrade you are considering, or give you a 2nd opinion on a project you've been considering

Questions to ask when interviewing computer support companies

Question: Do you have Microsoft certified technicians on staff?

Explanation: If your company uses Microsoft products then you will want the experience and expertise of someone who is properly trained to work with Microsoft products like a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).

Question: Will you have senior/experienced technicians working on our projects or a junior newbie just learning the ropes?

Explanation: This happens all the time. Clients are “oversold and then under-delivered”. You start out with a senior technician and then eventually you end up with a junior working on your site and taking twice as long to finish assigned tasks (The old bait and switch.)

Question: How fast do you respond to emergencies?

Explanation: A good technician should be easy to reach and respond within 1 hour or less. When your server/network is down how much is it costing you per hour?

Question: Will you agree to a fixed price quote?

Explanation: There is nothing worse than unexpected increases in fees in the middle of a project. You start off expecting to pay one price and then at the end of the project you are now way over budget because the price doubled.

Question: Do you route all your support calls through a centralized support desk?

Explanation: A centralized support desk will log your call or email and route it to your dedicated technician quicker than you can leave a voicemail the old fashioned way. This model allows your support call to be tracked, recorded and promptly followed up.

Question: Do you offer free quarterly business and technology reviews?

Explanation: A business and technology review will keep your technology up to date and will also help to keep the lines of communication open with your service provider. Your service provider should be approachable and accountable at all times.

Question: Do you offer a free preliminary network assessment?

Explanation: A network assessment should be an unbiased evaluation of your current infrastructure. It will give you a better understanding of what your computers are actually doing for your business and show you weak points of where work is needed.

Question: What guarantees do you make, if any?

Explanation: Some computer projects can be costly. Your computer service provider should be held accountable for the work that they do for you.

Final Question:

Are you just saying yes to all these questions to try and get my business?

Explanation: Ask for references and feel free to ask the reference if they ever experienced any of the above offerings.


  • Visiting your location and discussing your current technology issues
  • Inventory all desktops, laptops and servers 
  • Evaluate your current internet connection and network and wireless infrastructure
  • Evaluate your current server room
  • Review your mobile connectivity solutions
  • Review and evaluate your remote access strategies and options
  • Review and analyze your data security systems and ant-virus solutions
  • Create a strategy for your current IT assets
  • Review your website, domain registration and intranet solutions
  • Provide a comprehensive report that includes detailed recommendations.
  • Final meeting with business owners and key staff members to review our assessment 

What critical issues are addressed by a Network Assessment Report?

  • Pain points
  • Security gaps
  • Opportunities for speed and efficiency


  • Assessment and Design Consulting
  • IT security Assessment
  • Business Start-ups
  • Network Vulnerability Audit
  • Hardware Device Audit
  • Governance/Compliance Audit
  • Wireless Network Audit
  • Customized Technology Assessment 


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