You're probably wondering what Co-Managed technology support means for you? 

Co-managed IT services allows internal IT departments to extend their capabilities through a partnership approach leveraging the external MSP (Managed Service Provider)  to augment the key areas of service and support, ranging from end-user help-desk to information security to vertical business applications to the network operations center.  

The key element of this type of arrangement is the transparency (and control) afforded through a shared, co-managed service desk system, including ticketing, service metric, security and performance reporting.

The challenge for most IT managers is the balancing act between business needs vs. the people, process and technology available to deliver against these requirements. In most cases, hiring additional staff or acquiring automation software is costly and inadequate. Rather than compensate for weak internal systems, ConsulTech works with clients to build a customized support program that maximizes current staffing capabilities and existing networks. We bring our experience, our best practices and our support infrastructure to effect change – moving customer’s IT environments from reactive to proactive.

Our concept of IT support offers an all-inclusive, guaranteed price for IT support and services. Our method eliminates cost uncertainties while at the same time providing proactive, quality support services when you need it.


ConsulTech’s managed services are client-centered. We relieve your burdens, providing technology solutions that go beyond monitoring and responding to disaster, so you can focus on operations and cutting expenses. ConsulTechs customized services start with an assessment that accounts for:

  • Your company’s IT budget and IT needs.
  • The changing nature of risk impacting your business.


Your networks are dependable and our fees are predictable.


ConsulTech’s flat rate service plan then supports technology enablement that brings value to your company. Our comprehensive managed services include:

  • Preventative risk protection
  • Vulnerability management
  • Patch management
  • Performance analysis
  • Identify all IT assets and weight them based on criticality to business operations.
  • Develop an annual IT budget that has a five year vision.
  • Track hard technology costs, including infrastructure, renewals, maintenance and support.
  • Identify and quantify soft technology costs, including productivity, downtime, and capital expenditures.
  • Deliver top-tier monitoring and management of your infrastructure, including business technology and integration component.
  • Conduct quarterly technology reviews with IT staff and corporate management to assure expectations are being met.




Can cost over $80,000 per year(per Tech-Employee after all costs). Some cost factors:

  • Payroll taxes, vacation pay, workers comp
  • Risk of downtime when tech employee is not present(vacation schedule and sick days)
  • Tech may require supervision or costly outsourced help during projects
  • Limited expertise for anticipating the true needs of your business
  • Continued costs of training on latest technology

HALF the costs of a full time tech, plus:

  • We are always available (we never call in sick)
  • Full staff of Microsoft & Apple Certified Systems Engineers
  • Continuously growing expertise
  • Strategic technology expertise and planning
  • Predictable costs through project planning and regularly scheduled visits
  • Tax deductible business expense
  • Leverage our team's knowledge for your business' needs!